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Saturday, May 23, 2020

With intent data, B2B marketing & event marketing have collided

In 2020, the worlds of B2B marketing and event marketing collided, thanks to intent data. By using attendee intent data, marketers can leverage events like all marketing programs to show event impact on larger company goals, such as customer delight, retention, upselling or first time sales. Event software can integrate with a business’ CRM, marketing automation and ABM solutions, enabling event marketers to work hand-in-hand with the rest of their marketing team and revenue folks.

  • Alignment between B2B marketing & event marketing
    Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has  become widely adopted in the B2B world to the point of its current position as the industry standard. ABM continues its stronghold as the power of intent data takes center stage.
  • Event marketing’s disparate path
    There’s been a disconnect between B2B marketing progression and event marketing evolution. About a decade ago, the focus in events was all about driving people to an event. Instead of merely aiming for high registration numbers, event organizers realized that engagement matters more. Event marketers were lacking actionable data to use and remained on their own path.
  • B2B marketing & event marketing align in 2020
    Event software now has the capabilities to bridge attendee engagement and intent data that’s actionable. Event marketers can review behavior by tapping into attendee data before, during and after the show.
  • Event data has driven unity & agility
    Events are being recognized as one important part of a larger ecosystem of tactics. Event software can now integrate with CRM, marketing automation and ABM solutions. Event marketers are being embraced as an integral part of the marketing team.
  • Making the data tactical
    In order to make the most of all of this potential, marketers need to optimize for engagement that drives intent. For example, a certain segment of attendees at a business growth conference demonstrated interest in a track on financial software.

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