Locate and Capture Active In Market Buyers

ActiveCode identifies in-market prospects researching your products & services anywhere on the web and then delivers you the best leads each day.

Active buyers are the Rosetta Stone of growth

GrowthCode AI and proprietary technology identifies in-market prospects researching your products and competitive products - then delivers you the best leads each day.

What is ActiveCode and how does it work?
What data is included in ActiveCode?

Every record delivered will contain a Hashed Email (HEM), and depending on the circumstances, a plain text email. GrowthCode then appends, when available, the associated company name, domain, title, LinkedIn headline, and LinkedIn link.

What should I do with the data provided by ActiveCode?

The data provided in most cases represents a very qualified prospect. These prospects are in market engaging with content related to you or your competition. Your sales & marketing strategy will impact what you choose to do with ActiveCode prospects. However, we recommend that the first thing you do is to add these users to your CRM, mark the appropriate consent. Most customers start with direct sales outreach and complement with marketing such as retargeting, LinkedIn campaigns and email.

Identify new "in journey" target accounts

GrowthCode uses proprietary technology and data science to find 'signal' for prospects looking for your firm's products. We then deliver these lists to you and constantly tune the ActiveCode for your business with the results you receive from these new target accounts.  

Engaged prospects convert

ActiveCode will return lists with full profiles that you can instantly leverage in your sales, ABM or marketing. You no longer need to buy stale lists or search the Internet for potential buyers. You’ll receive fresh lists of highly engaged and active leads complete with contact details.

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