Build your own first party ID graph that you control

GrowthCode's GraphCode empowers media owners and publishers to build, own, and stay in control of their own identity graphs.
GrowthCode GraphCode ID graph Builder

Ownership and control of your 1st party data

It's today's most urgent issue for media owners.
Without it, pricing control, data security, user privacy, and brand relationships severely suffer.

However, getting your 1st party data story together has challenges: privacy, security, regulation, data structure, among others...

How GraphCode relieves
your problems

By giving you the tools and data to build out your graph, publishers increase the surface area that can be used to match with brands and agencies for deterministic matching. By delivering cookieless adressability with a partner that isn't looking to fortify its own data with your data, publishers protect the security of their data and the privacy users

What GraphCode will empower
you to do

GraphCode provides publishers with certainty in a world of uncertainty. With GraphCode publishers have monetization bridge to the future. With their own  graphs, publishers can connect with brands that buy without cookies and build a 1st party asset that keeps the business going once the 3rd party cookie vanishes.

Why GraphCode is unique

GraphCode is run by veterans of the media industry, so we know the pains that publishers feel around their data. Unlike most ID resolution vendors and data partners, we don't have an interest in fortifying our own data with the data of our customers. We believe that your data is your data and it should be in your control. No co-ops, no data lakes. You control your graph and your data.

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