Tech, Tools and Telemetry for independent, data-driven publishers

Publishing is changing. Constantly.
Growthcode offers scaled infrastructure-as-a-service to empower independent publishers to harness data and take control of identity and audience while rapidly aligning to industry changes and margin pressure.

GrowthCode is the first-of-its-kind publisher infrastructure as a service that empowers independent publishers to transform into data-driven businesses

To date, creating, capturing, and managing the new monetization currency (data and identity) for publishers has provided elusive, overly complex and technically costly. Most publishers simply cannot afford to build such infrastructure in-house and thus rely on 3rd parties that leave them empty-handed when relationships end or priorities change.

GrowthCode delivers a single platform instance of the tech an independent publisher needs to control its destiny and safeguard past the deprecation of the 3P cookie.

We have spent years building these tools that publishers of any size can use as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). We work with a host of publishers and vendors to provide the means to move the business beyond yesterday's problems to solve the data-driven dilemma facing media owners across the globe.

Smart publishers focus on building community and audience while reducing tech and infrastructure overhead.

A modern independent publisher understands its strengths and core competencies…and has the capability to leverage its data, audience and media inventory across revenue streams spanning a myriad of channels and partners.

However, building the technology to complete the data transformation is both elusive and expensive. Until today only the biggest names have been able to afford to make the move to become data-centric and to future-proof the business from the loss of the third-party cookie with their own custom stacks. (Why would anyone trust the folks who created publisher commoditization to build them a solution?)

That all changed with GrowthCode.

Paired with the major pending shift to cookie-less, successful monetization has become a significant opportunity while it presents its challenges.

However, what publishers need today is not what they're going to need tomorrow.

In the world of modern monetization, Publishers are faced with multiple methods across multiple partners and ecosystems. Keeping data secure, synced and reliably working among these various connections is a significant effort... and building this infrastructure for each use case may or may not be the right answer.

As the industry has already learned, over investing in heavy tech does not necessarily serve publishers well. The typical publisher has a complex labyrinth of systems - all of which they are under-using and overpaying for. (Most publishers use less than 20% of the features they pay for.)

Most of what will happen in the future of monetization will be connecting and syncing multiple data systems securely and privately with multiple ecosystems. And things will move faster --  the ecosystem has changed more in the last 5 years than the prior 15. With change a constant, these connections and data need to be managed securely, reliably and agilely.

While challenging, these new rules represent an opportunity to the publishers that can move fast to capture value within them.

The new rules demand publisher build for the future starting today. The new rules demand publishers build the framework and approach to permanently future - proof the business of monetization.

The Roadmap to
publishing's data-driven transformation


Establish Hashed Email (HEM) Graph

Build a graph of hashed emails via real-time traffic resolution

Build Mapping Table 

Once you have the HEM you can map other universal ID spaces to it to build graph

Audience & Data Sales

Once linkage to universal ID spaces is in place, audiences and data sales are unlocked

Clean room matching

Match HEM to HEM with brands at very high CPMs to monetize deterministically

Publishing should be easier.

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Invest in the right places
(and stop being a tech company)

The publishing business is more profitable and effective when it's driven by the community and tuned by intelligence and data. Without such intelligence, publishers waste time, resources and opportunity.

However, when publishers build tech stacks themselves, they lose focus on the core business of community building. GrowthCode was built with this dichotomy in mind. Get in touch today to talk about how we can support your future.